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Poem From Jesus To The Church
Published on December 30, 2003 By wvjcgirl In Blogging


To My Bride

Love, Your Bridegroom,


The Spirit of the Lord is speaking today:
A price I did pay for you on that day.
As I died on the cross for all of your sin.
I kept My promise, and in three days, I rose again!

For three days lay an empty, cold slab of rock.
As I, the Word of God, took back the keys to the lock.
Of death and hell and all Satan’s power.
I, Your Redeemer, Jesus Christ, cry NOW is the hour!

Children of God, I have overcome!
I have all the keys. I have won!
I Am the Lamb that was slain for your sin.
My blood, little children, I have freely given.

I have written your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
I am making you ready to become My dear Wife.
Without spot or blemish. Holy and pure.
The love that I offer forever will endure.

My words are faithful. My words are true
Everything I promise I will surely do!
I am the only One worthy to open the scroll.
To open the 7 seals and to redeem your soul.

Children of God, I am preparing a place.
You, too, must prepare. Grow in My grace!
It is not by your strength. It is not by your might.
It is only by My Spirit. I Am Jesus Christ!

I long to be with you as we become One.
With My Father in heaven, His will to be done.
In the great Holy City promised by His word.
For each of His children who stood firm and endured.

In these days of great darkness you are My light.
Shine out My Face on your face: strong and bright!
The greatest command I have written on your heart.
Love as I loved, and we will never be apart.

My Father is love. He is holy and pure.
Do everything in love, for only love will endure.
By love Our Father gave the life of His Son.
By love I became Jesus Christ, the Anointed One.

The Alpha. The Omega.The Beginning. The End.
The Lamb that was slain for all of your sin.
I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
I Am your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My Blood flows through this Body of Christ,
And washes you clean and pure in My sight.

You are My Bride, chosen and beloved
By the Lord God Almighty in heaven above.
Spotless and blameless, in robes of pure white.
You are precious, honored and pure in My sight.

Stand up, little children, let Your light shine!
Through the Blood of the Lamb you are all mine!
It is mercy and grace I give freely to you.
It is the will of My Father, who dearly loves you.

You are the temple of the Spirit of God.
You carry within you the power of His word.
Lift up your eyes, though weary and weak.
Lift up your eyes to My face that you seek.

Behold! The glory that shines from Me!
I am your Savior! I have set you all free!

I am your Bridegroom and you are My Bride.
I am returning, and together, we will all be glorified.
Together as one, the Body of Christ.
United at last, as My Beloved Wife.

A divine holy union chosen to enter.
The great holy city with God at its center.
My Name is upon you, you belong to me.
You have been redeemed. My Blood set you free.

Our Father in heaven, so full of love.
Sent His Only Begotten Son down from above.
I lived. I died. In three days rose again.
All power and authority to Me has been given!

I rose up to heaven and sat down on the throne.
At the right hand of God. His glory made known.

It’s not just a story. I Am Jesus Christ.
I conquered death. I am alive!
Prepare, little ones, fix your eyes on Me.
Remember My blood has set you all free.

I am coming back for you. I have not forgotten.
I Am the Son of the Almighty God, His Only Begotten.
Get ready for Me! Grow in My grace.
Get ready to see Me Face to face.

Proclaim My words in John 3:16.
Tell others of the gift of life everlasting.
I am calling you home, listen to My voice.
You have free will. It is your choice.

Choose life today, the time is drawing near.
When I, Jesus Christ, will once again appear.
I Am the Lamb that was slain just for you.
All that I have promised, I will surely do!

Look not to the left. Look not to the right.
Fear not, for you are precious and honored in My sight.
You have been chosen by My Father above.
Shining above you is His banner of love.

The time has come. The time is now here.
Fear not, little ones, be of good cheer!
I am soon coming to gather My Bride.
And hold you forever in glory by My side.

Get ready to come home with Me.
To live forever as one for eternity.
I have a place prepared just for you.
I am Faithful. I am True.

Let your heart burn with My holy fire!
It is your love little ones, that I most desire.
I am the King of Kings…I have all power!
Return your heart to Me in this last hour.

I am coming back soon. Will you be drawn to Me?
I will return in all of My power and glory!
I Am Jesus Christ!
The Bright Morning Star.
Remember, dear little ones, who you are.


Tell others about Me, and My love and mercy.`
I have given you all My power and authority.
Give aid to the weak, the broken, and the lost.
Give to the poor without counting the cost.

Lay down your pride, and walk in humility.
Be led by My Holy Spirit, and not your own ability.

I ask you to ponder the words in this poem.
I ask you to answer this call to come home.

I am soon returning. Get ready to see
The King of all Glory
Fulfill His Prophecy!







Copyright C. A. S 2002

on Dec 30, 2003
Nicely done@ GCJ
on Dec 31, 2003
on Jan 19, 2004
Your words are a powerful testimony for Christ...thank you! Beautiful work!