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Published on December 31, 2003 By wvjcgirl In Blogging

My God My Friend

In the shadow of Your wing I will praise You as I sing
Of The Beginning and The End
You are my God and my Friend

I first met You at the cross, as I lay broken from my loss
I called upon Your name. I have never been the same.
You filled me with Your power in my darkest hour.
I fell asleep at Your feet. Shaken to awaken on Your mercy seat!

Your precious blood touched my skin and washed away my sin.
Your tears mixed with mine as You turned my water into wine.
The day that You, my God became my Friend.

So when the burden is too hard to bear, and darkness seems to be everywhere.
I will look up and I will see Your nail pierced hand reaching out to me.
I will feel Your mercy and Your grace. I will see the Glory shining from Your Face.
For You are my God and You are my Friend.

You are my Rock in whom I stand on in a world that I abandon.
Every thought and wish and dream that doesn’t honor Elohim.
You are worthy of all my life. I proclaim Your Lordship Jesus Christ!
How can it be The Beginning and End -The Living God calls me His friend?

Yet, it is true, for me and for you cleansed by His blood,
Filled with His Holy Spirit with open ears we now can hear it
The voice of God soft and faint speaking to His precious saints
“I will never leave you nor forsake you I have called you. I will keep you.”

Nestled safely in His wing. Listen as the angels’ sing
Of His mercy, grace, and love. King of Kings high above
The Beginning and the End.
He is our God. He is our friend.

Copyright C.A.S. 2003

on Dec 31, 2003
Do you write all these yourself Cherry? This one I particular like. Its just like reading from Psalms. If you do write these, you are very gifted. GCJ
on Dec 31, 2003

Yes, I write them from my heart. ty for reading them.

on Jan 19, 2004
Ann, To live a lonely life in the bondage of false religion, and feel so lost, and to now know Christ and to know him not only as Lord..but also as a friend is so comforting...and the way you express that with your words is a blessing to others. Thank you for sharing your gift.