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March 9, 2004 by wvjcgirl


With over 400 billion cups of coffee consumed each year, coffee has become the most popular beverage in the world. (universe) Who gets the credit for discovering this amazingly popular beverage? There really isn’t any concrete evidence of the first discovery, but there are certain legends that have become commonly accepted as true throughout the world. Here is a look at these legends surrounding the discovery of coffee, and the origins of the worldw...
January 14, 2004 by wvjcgirl
Have you ever been trapped in a cramped space with an unbearably annoying person for hours on end? I have, and her name was Beulah. As a child, my parents were involved with a religion that required each member of the congregation to take their entire family door-to-door every Saturday. In the event of bad weather the children were often left in the car to be supervised by the oldest member of the car group, and as we lived in the ‘almost always raining’ Pacific Northwest, my brother and I...