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January 13, 2004 by wvjcgirl
Mary Ann’s Hallway

There was a little girl

her name was Mary Ann

she sat out in the hallway

as holidays were banned

no Christmas tree, or birthday cake

no New Years resolution

to her church and family

these were evil mind pollution

instead her mind was filled

with their rules and with their laws

she knew them all so well;

don’t think ~

don’t ask ~

and don’t you ever tell.

the silence was deafening

as she bottled up her quest...
January 1, 2004 by wvjcgirl
January 11, 2004

1 John 1 and 2

This is the message that we heard from Christ, in a nutshell. God is pure light without a trace of darkness in Him.

If we say that we know God but keep living the same old life, then we are lying.

If we admit our sins he will forgive us and clean us up.

If we do sin, we have a Priest in the presence of God, Jesus, He has taken care of our sin problem once and for all.

This is how we can be sure that we really know God: We will obey His comm...
December 31, 2003 by wvjcgirl

My name is Ann, and I am a 36 year old woman with 2 kids. When I was young I decided that I wanted to drive across the country in a van, and see the United States of America in a summer. Although I eventually did fulfill this dream, it didn't happen quite the way that I thought it would...

I grew up in the very Northwest corner of the United States about 20 minutes by car to the Canadian border. The drive along the coast near my house was so breathtaking that it made the...
December 31, 2003 by wvjcgirl
My God My Friend

In the shadow of Your wing I will praise You as I sing
Of The Beginning and The End
You are my God and my Friend

I first met You at the cross, as I lay broken from my loss
I called upon Your name. I have never been the same.
You filled me with Your power in my darkest hour.
I fell asleep at Your feet. Shaken to awaken on Your mercy seat!

Your precious blood touched my skin and washed away my sin.
Your tears mixed with mine as You turned my water into w...
December 30, 2003 by wvjcgirl
Hey, Jesus…

My back’s against a wall
Did You know that I would fall?

Hey, Jesus…

Did You know a friend would break me
Deceive me,
and forsake me
Did you know that he would leave me
And shove me to this crawl?

Hey, Jesus…

My back’s against a wall
Did You know that I’d take this fall?

Hey, Jesus…

Can You see me?
My back’s against this wall.
My heart is broken
Few words spoken
To soothe my wounded soul.

Hey, Jesus…

Did You know I would deny You?
December 30, 2003 by wvjcgirl

A small broken child no older than four
Lay in a heap on a cold dirty floor.
Fragments of hope-like the glass and the dishes
Broken and shattered like her heart full of wishes.

“I wish I could fly.” Moaned the small broken child.
“Then I could fly to this Voice deep inside.
His voice is so tender. His words touch me so softly.
His voice deep within is calling me…calling me.”

“Come to Me, child. I will not hurt you.
I love you my little one. I wil...
December 30, 2003 by wvjcgirl

To My Bride

Love, Your Bridegroom,


The Spirit of the Lord is speaking today:
A price I did pay for you on that day.
As I died on the cross for all of your sin.
I kept My promise, and in three days, I rose again!

For three days lay an empty, cold slab of rock.
As I, the Word of God, took back the keys to the lock.
Of death and hell and all Satan’s power.
I, Your Redeemer, Jesus Christ, cry NOW is the hour!

Children of God, I have overcome!
I h...